Head of Smelting technology


Job Description:1. Responsible for determining the batch process of melting technology, formulating the corresponding process technical documents, and tracking and verifying to ensure its effectiveness.2. Assist to solve process and technical problems in product development according to the requirements of quality department.3. Solve all kinds of technical quality problems within the scope of management.4. Responsible for providing technical guidance and training to on-site production personnel; Cooperate with quality Department to inspect and urge production personnel to carry out production operation according to relevant standards, processes and specifications.5. Responsible for the formulation of working hours quota for batch products under management.6. Complete other related work assigned by superiors.Job Requirements:1. Bachelor degree or above, major in material science and engineering, powder metallurgy, material physics, vacuum metallurgy, etc. (The best can be relaxed)2, familiar with the basic knowledge and principle of vacuum melting of non-ferrous metal materials;3, with vacuum induction furnace (VIM), vacuum consumable furnace (VAR) and other vacuum melting technology experience is preferred;4, with good communication skills, willing to learn to communicate and coordinate with team members on technical issues in product development;5, can bear hardships and stand hard work, with good planning ability, guidance ability, coordination ability, obey the company's arrangement.The company provides high salary, good welfare and working and living environment, and participates in the company's equity incentive plan. >

Sales Supervisor (Overseas)


Job Description:1. Assisted the sales director to implement the sales plan and led the team to achieve the annual sales target;2. Responsible for foreign market research, collecting industry information, developing product markets, developing new customers, and increasing sales scope;3, responsible for document review, customs declaration, settlement, after-sales service and other work;4, familiar with foreign trade and order management process, with solid basic knowledge in related fields;5. Prepare quotations, participate in business negotiations, and sign contracts; Guide, coordinate and review accounts and records related to sales and services, coordinate transportation and handle after-sales affairs such as product quality objections;6, expand the product foreign sales market channels, develop and maintain the company's customers.7. Complete other tasks assigned by sales director and company leaders.Job Requirements:1. Bachelor degree or above; (The best can be relaxed)2, with more than two years of titanium and titanium alloy and other non-ferrous metal industry sales experience;3, familiar with the trade operation process and relevant laws and regulations, with relevant knowledge in the field of trade;4, English level 6 or above, proficient in oral English listening and speaking and translation skills, able to communicate fluently with foreign customers.5, with strong sales experience and channel development experience;6, with strong communication skills, organization, coordination and team management skills;The company provides high salary, good welfare and working and living environment, participate in the company's equity incentive plan, enjoy sales commission. >